This went ahead on Bank Holiday Monday the 6th of May.

We had eight lads turn up with a right mixture in terms of ability and an age range from 7 to 15.

Our morning consisted of various activities starting off with a briefing on personal safety and respect for the Environment.

This was followed by around an hour with Tweed Trout and Grayling Biologist Kenny Galt.

Invertebrate samples were collected from the weeds around the Boat Shed and then displayed in white trays on the bench. Then using a guide sheet the many and varied creatures were identified by the youngsters. Details of their life cycle and then how to imitate them with artificial flies provided the boys with an insight into their fishing.

Videos of hatching insects were shown to illustrate various elements of their life cycle.

It’s not all about Blobs!

A tea break followed during which young Corben Skene gave a fly tying demonstration.

His first fly was a basic buzzer. Just black thread and a silver wire rib. Something anyone could tie and catch a fish on.

Next was a basic Damsel Lure.

Orange bead, Olive Marabou tail and a chenille body and this was followed by a simple F fly with just Olive thread and CDC.

Simple flies that fished correctly will always catch fish.

After the break we had a Quiz to see if the lads had been paying attention!

To make it easier every answer was 4. This covered Fishery Rules and Tackle. The teams of two all got 2 questions right so a 50% pass rate. Ha Ha

We then moved on to a casting accuracy competition with the boys split into two teams.

This was won (with a little help) by seven year old Joe Crawford and for this he won a bag of Rhubarb and Custard Cremes.

However before I could tell him to share them around he was off and stashed them in his Grandad’s car!!

A distance casting competition followed for the older lads and Jack Metcalfe managed to cast a full line although his “fly” landed about 4 yards behind the end of the fly line.

The last item of the morning was a demonstration by Gareth on how to properly release a Trout when boat fishing. Using a fishery net and a dummy fish he showed how the Trout can be netted, kept in the water and quickly unhooked and released.

Recent research has show that if a fish is out of the water for more than 30 seconds its survival rate starts to rapidly decrease.

If you have to take a photo then the angler holding the fish must have wet hands. The person using the camera should prepare it and perhaps take a few dummy photos and then the trout can be lifted, photographed and back in the water in about 10 seconds.

Or why not just photograph it in the net still in the water.

That concluded the morning and it was time for Bacon Rolls for Lunch kindly provided by Carmel and cooked expertly by Gareth.

While the boys were enjoying the mornings activities the Anglers who were mainly Dads and Granddads were out on the water trying to suss out Tactics and Locations in preparation for the afternoon Boys Competition.

The rules for this were that the adults could provide any assistance the lads needed including casting.

However as soon as the flies hit the water the rod had to be handed over and the Boys would retrieve the line, hopefully hook the fish and play it to the net.

The afternoon competition started off well for Jack Metcalfe with four fish and two more lost in the first hour.

Local favourite 13 year old Corben Skene was full of confidence coming off his recent win in a senior competition but unfortunately blanked in the first hour and although he made a great recovery he just missed out on the prizes.

The boys fished hard for 4 hours and a total of 40 Trout were netted and carefully released giving a rod average of 5 fish.

15 year old Jamie Potts was the eventual winner with a total of 10 trout with 4 bonus point for catching in each hour session

The first four Places were

  1. Jamie Potts 10 Trout and 4 Bonus Points Total 14
  2. Jack Metcalf 9 fish and 4 Bonus points Total 13
  3. Kael Ferguson 8 fish and 4 Bonus Points Total 12
  4. Corben Skene 8 fish and 3 Bonus points Total 11


Jack Metcalfe was a very unlucky as only seconds after the final gun went off he caught a trout on reeling in his line. Hard Lines Jack as this would have given him the win on count back to the time of the first Trout caught.

A presentation ended the day with the Winners Trophy going to Jamie and a few small prizes for first, second and third.

A good day was had by all.

The Youth Day next year will be on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2020.

Youngster need to be under 16 any time next year and it is limited to 10 places so get your names down quick.    £10 for the Lads and/or Lasses and £10 for the Adults including Lunch.

An experienced Angler can be provided for any youngster who wishes to take part but has no one to fish with them so if you know anyone please get in touch.

Casting Competition Below.