Tweedmouth and Spittal Private Angling Club 2

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Colin Spowart with Chairman Nicky Bell

Colin Spowart with Chairman Nicky Bell

A Ladies Privilege

Being late that is.

However this time myself and the rest of the Club were more than happy.

It was Bertha. Big Bertha.

The remains of Hurricane Bertha.

She was due to come in early on Sunday morning when I looked at the forecast on Saturday morning. By the evening forecast it had been delayed till around 10.00 and by the Sunday morning it was unclear what we would get.

It was the Spittal and Tweed mouth Private Angling Club final outing of the season with

Chatton Fishery being our venue.

Chatton has fantastic views over towards the Cheviot Hills and down the Till Valley but this does mean it is exposed.

So we were lucky.

The wind throughout the day was slightly stronger than forecast and coming from the south east this may have kept the worst of the weather at bay until later.

Anyway apart from a few brief and reasonably light showers we got away with it until around half past four when the rain did become heavy.

The fishing was interesting.

I caught two fish on a Foam Daddy. One on an intermediate line and a figure of eight retrieve. The other on a floater just as it landed.

Another two fish came to a small black hopper. Once floating and once sunk…

Two on a buzzer, one static one moved.

I also had one on a Pheasant Tail Nymph.

So seven fish all caught differently which perhaps shows the need to be versatile.

it is a friendly Club and has friendly competitions so it is just the heaviest five fish that wins.

That went to Colin Spowart helped by having the heaviest fish at over five pounds.

Afterward we were treated to Pies and Peas followed by Tea and Cake provided by the Fishery at a very modest cost. Many thanks to Alison and Roger.


So all in all a good day out with fellow Club members.

The only discordant note was seeing an elderly angler being banned from the fishery for using bait.

On the plus side it was good to know decent anglers were being vigilant and that the fishery owner takes a strong line.

So a stormy end to the day in more ways than one. 🙂


Colin Spowart Heaviest Trout

Colin Spowart Heaviest Trout