Times Change.

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A little while ago an angler up at the Loch noted in the returns book that he had had a hard day.

He only had five fish!

Now I am old enough to remember when two in a day was just about considered greedy.

My recent visits to Coldingham have resulted in 7 fish last Thursday and today 4 fish.

I described these days as for the 7 “having to work for them” and for the 4  “tough”

So times have changed and we all probably expect more these days. That probably includes in life in general as well as fishing.

Anyway today I started on a couple of dries. An Elk Hair Caddis and a small Black Hopper.

An early fish to the Caddis was pleasant and I carried on with them for an hour but no more.

A switch to a Fast Glass Line and a selection of different flies, retrieves and locations did not result in even a pull.

Back on dries an another fish and a couple of inspections.

Maybe the fast glass was going too deep even with a couple of boobies on ?

A change to a Slow Glass produce the same result.


Back on the dries and a third fish but by now it is around three o’clock.

There are a few fish showing but certainly not all of them.

Out comes the Di7.

If they are not up they must be down.

Well they might be deep but they are not playing down there.

Back to the dries at around four o ‘clock.

Three fish come in the last hour.

One which felt very heavy is lost in the weed after giving me a good run around. One comes off at the net and just on five I get one in which turns out to be a very light Blue trout.

Ghost trout I call them.

So four fish and two lost.

A “tough” day.

However it begs the question…… Should I have stayed on the dries all day and slowly built up a catch

 Or was I right to try different things?

Years ago I would have stayed on the dries after my initial success so perhaps indeed times  and anglers have changed.

"Ghost Trout"

“Ghost Trout”