The Watch Reservoir

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Under New Management.

This reservoir and its fishing has been taken over by the volunteers of two local Angling Clubs.

The Kelso and the St. Boswell Angling Associations.

Well Done to them.

Now I was hearing good reports of the fishing and some of them from my good friend Bob Cockburn so I asked him if he fancied a day on the bank to which he readily agreed.

On arrival we were warmly greeted by Mick Tait who was just back from fishing for Scotland in the International in Ireland. (England won if you are interested)

So after a bit of a blether about the new set up and some advice on where and how we set off along the Lodge shore.

Second cast and I was into a nice Blue Rainbow of 3 to 4 pounds but after getting it halfway back it jumped again and the line went slack. A few casts later and another Blue was on and this one made it to the net.

A great start. My friend Bob who was further along the bank was also into a fish.

Things got a little slower after that but by Lunchtime Bob was on four to my three.

We had each lost fish and had a few more takes so a fair bit of action.

We decided to have a move and drove round to the Road Shore. As we sat on the bench eating our sandwich it was obvious that there was a good head of fish in front of us as fish after fish rose to something very small on the water.

The next hour or so was brilliant with lots of rises to the dries.   

We had seen some Hawthorns of the Lodge shore so a  couple of Black Hoppers and a Hawthorn was my set up.

Many of the rises were “fresh air shots” but we both managed to hook quite a few and about half of them got to the net.

As another fish took my Hawthorn fly on the point my old friend Ronnie Glass pulled up and as he did the sun came out.

It was like a switch going off as the rise just stopped.

Thanks Ronnie! 🙂

Ronnie was also just back from the International in Ireland and we had a good chat about mutual friends and again about the future of the fishery.

After a good chat Ronnie had to leave us as a number of customers were starting to show up.

The fishery had been a bit quiet in the morning but a steady stream of anglers in the afternoon and early evening were adding to the numbers.

Many of them were local anglers who were making repeat visits. A good sign.

Bob and I managed another fish each before we finished. Again on the Dries as the sun got lower.

I suspect there would be good sport that evening.

Bob ended up on 11 fish and I had 10 so never a bad day when you and your partner are both into double figures.

We will return! 🙂

The Dam Wall

The Dam Wall