The Squirmy

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The Squirmy.

Love it or hate it or perhaps it is just another tool in your box.

Well there is no doubt that it works.

Not all the time but it can like most flies have its days. River and Loch.

However one of the problems is it can be a tad difficult to tie as it is a fairly delicate material.

There are lots of videos on the net to show you how it can be done but to possibly put a few of them in one place here goes.

I am not claiming any of these ideas of my own but perhaps, just perhaps may have tweaked some of them.

One way of not slicing through the squirmy when tying in is to use floss instead of thread.

Untwisting the floss can make it “broader” still and allow a bit more pressure to be applied.

A similar result can be obtained by putting dubbing on your hook shank and then on your thread as you tie in. This again spreads the load and helps prevent cutting of the material.

My current favourite way was is not to tie in the squirmy at all.

The original idea for this came from a good friend of mine Alec Harvey.

What he did was to tie in two very small loops of Flexi Floss on the back of the Hook shank and then pull the Squirmy through using a Bobbin Threader.

One of the big advantages of this is that the Squirmy material can be renewed when it is bitten off without retying the whole Fly

Alec ties in his two loops at 90 degrees to the hook shank and this keeps the squirmy in line with the hook shank.

I like to tie my Flexi Floss in line with the Hook Shank and then bring the Squirmy through the same side of the loops which gives the Worm a nice twist.

I have also started using round rubber from Hareline instead of Flexi as it does not split when using the Bobbin Threader.

I have also tried using three loops and putting three pieces of Squirmy through. One short, one medium and one long which perhaps gives a bit more “life” when moved.

As most people know you cannot use varnish or superglue on the Squirmy Material as it just melts.

You can however use UV Resin. This can provide a little bit extra security but often cracks off as the Squirmy flexes.

What I usually do is tie in my loops in and then varnish the thread. Leave this to dry thoroughly before pulling your squirmy through. Perhaps a smear of UV at the loops may help.

Anyway just my thoughts.

I have no claim to being any good at Fly Tying but perhaps Alec’s Idea and my twists and then a few more of your own on top might prove useful.

The Squirmies in the Top Photo are from left to right.

Twisted Squirmy using Flex Floss

Same with Tungsten Bead

Three legs using Hareline Rubber

Tied in using Dubbing

The Photo below I have tried to show the Hareline Loops holding the Squirmy Legs.