The Russians are Coming!

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I arrived at the Loch around 08.30 and after setting up my rods and the boat I was having the customary Brew with Gareth and Carmel and a few other anglers when Carmel’s phone went.

It’s for you she said.

Oh Oh!

A sinking feeling as I have never had that happen before.

However it was OK.

A fellow Instructor was a man short and he wondered if I could be at the Whinney for 10.30 to help him out with some instruction for a group of complete beginners.

It took me a few seconds but of course I said yes.

I did have time for about an hour on the loch and managed a couple of fish before I had to go.

The beginners turned out to be a family of Russians who were over in Scotland.

It helped that they all spoke good English as they had lived in Baltimore for 5 years.

Anyway a good time was had by all with many fish caught and almost as many lost.

By 4 o’clock they had to leave so I nipped back to the Loch for another hour and had a further 3 fish before the call of the kettle at 5 o’clock intervened and another brew with Gareth.

Myself and Gareth decide to go out at six o’clock and we fished a couple of fairly quiet hours until eight.

Things were a bit slow but Gareth did manage two to my one.

Did I detect a secret smirk as we packed up? 🙂