Taster Session

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Taster Session.

I have just recently introduced this to my services.

It is a three hour session on Coldingham Loch where I provide everything including boat hire and a one fish plus catch and release ticket.

It only costs £60 and is ideal for Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas presents or just for the curious.



So it was Jamie’s 40th birthday and his wife Rosie had a surprise for him.

You will need Ski Gloves and a Wet Suit she said!

Even on arriving at Coldingham Loch he was still bemused as the place was shrouded in thick fog and you could hardly even see the boat shed from the car park.

However after an introduction he was over the moon as it was something he had wanted to do for years.

Anyway after getting his waterproofs on rather than a wet suit off we went.

I could have done with radar as the mist was so thick and slow speeds were called for to avoid the chance of a collision. Mind you I would prefer it like this than that bright sunshine stuff.

I remember many years ago being out on the Loch with my 12 year old son on a day like this and we were catching fish after fish. Sound carries well in this sort of weather and the highlight of the day was some voices coming out of the gloom.

“That boat is in again!”

“Yes but where is it?”

Back to today and I showed Jamie how to set up a cast of dries and talked through the rod reel and line and answered his questions.

Mind you he was struggling a bit to ask them as he just wanted to smile all the time.

Probably the happiest client I have ever had.

Well the dries did not work. We moved around a bit and fished them a few different ways but we only had one tentative inspection and one missed swirl.

With only an hour to go the pressure was mounting. I switched to a sinking line and a Damsel.

I cast out and was demonstrating the retrieve I wanted Jamie to use when the line just locked up.

I quickly passed to rod over and got Jamie to play the fish into the net. For a first timer he did OK but he needs to up his work rate on these very fit fish.

So a partial success but not the Full Monty so we slipped the fish back.

A couple of casts later and he is into his first ever trout. A much better work rate and after a spirited fight it was in the net. A nice 2Lb.+ Coldingham Trout.

Another fish followed but when the top dropper got stuck in the top eye it got off.

This is a mistake we have all made. Many of us probably more than once…………………….

Time was up.

Well it was probably up a while ago but his wife and daughters were coming to meet him so we had to go in. The fog was still thick so they were unable to see us and I did not want them to worry we had sunk or something!

At the jetty we were met with disbelief. “Did you catch that?” No………..??

“Did he really?”   “Did he?” It’s big!  (2lb. 5oz.)

Well he did and what’s more he had a great time doing it.

Another convert and his parting words to me were. “Thank You. Absolutely Brilliant!”

My Pleasure.

Best Regards

Jamie's First Trout

Jamie’s First Trout