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Chatton Fishery

Chatton Fishery


Jim Tucks Winter League is fished at a number of venues throughout the North of England and Southern Scotland.

It is a friendly Bank Fly Fishing Competition run on small waters in the region.

Details of heats can be found here:


It is a relaxed competition fished with only two Barbless Hooks and all Catch and Release.

Two session are held, morning and afternoon with four, forty minute pegs in each session with a five minute break and move between sessions. A stagger at lunchtime ensures you fish all round the water.  Some fisheries provide a free basic lunch.

Points are scored with one per fish and one per peg.

So your first fish on a peg is worth 2 points and each fish after one point with a maximum of five fish per peg.

So last Sunday was the Chatton Heat and two fish on my first peg got me of to a flier and as there did not seem to be a lot of catches maybe just a hint of tunes of glory….  😉

There was a strong contingent of Bank, Loch and World Team Internationals in the field of thirty so when I got a fish on my next peg I felt that maybe a good day was in order.

Next peg I had a fish on and then lost it……….. I let out a small oath beginning with B. Bother I think !

On the final peg of the morning another fish got me 2 points. So 4 fish from 3 pegs gave me 7 points.

A straw poll at lunchtime put me somewhere around third place so I was able to really enjoy my Bacon Roll and Coffee Cake with Tea kindly provided by Roger and Alison at the fishery.

Second Cast after lunch another fish probably put me in the lead.

And that was it!

Not another touch!  Three more blank pegs finished the day.

I had one fish casually look at a dry fly and apart from that I could have sat in the lodge.

Another straw poll revealed an eight, a couple of sevens, sixes and fives. Would my five fish be enough to be in the top six.

I had them on four pegs and my two fish on the first peg would help in the case of a tie and a count back but it was a squeaky bum time.

Yes! Sixth and last place to qualify for the final.

There is an entry fee for the competition and this accumulates over the heats and is divided up in the Final.

How that works is the total Pot of Money is dived by the total number of fsih caught in the final and so the more fish you catch in the final the more your prize is.

Say there is £2000 collected over all the heats and 100 fish caught in the final then a five fish catch would get you £50. This way everyone who catches gets something and it does not all go to the winners.

This competition is great for newcomers. Yes there are a lot of good rods fishing it but they don’t always have a good day and as the heats progress a lot of them qualify and it possibly becomes easier to go through.

However even if you do not qualify the nature of the competition and the venues ensures that you can easily watch and mingle with top Internationals and learn a lot.

Why not give it a go?

Chatton and other results are here;