Social Angling

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Well in the UK at least the most social form of Angling is probably Sea Angling from a boat.

Smallish boats around 30 feet are chartered for the day and usually eight, ten or a maximum of twelve anglers go out for a trip of around six hours. All fully licensed and insured.

Of course the anglers are all in close proximity and banter and chatter are a major part of the day.

Seasickness in one or two individuals often results in more sandwiches and beer to go round for those not affected………. 🙂

River Fly Fishing is very likely to be the most solitary type of angling particularly Trout and Grayling fishing. You may travel with a friend or two but mainly wander off and fish on your own for the day.

Loch style is a great way to spend a day with an Old or a New Friend. It give you lots of time to catch up or find out more about each other and of course you often get double the excitement as you enjoy and learn from each other’s catches.

I am relatively new to Small Water Fly Fishing and recently this has been evolving into a more social affair.  Sometimes a group of us will book a small water for the day and a lunchtime meet up is arranged.  If the fishery has cooking facilities Pies and Peas with some Cake and Biscuits is often organised. The Whinney Loch is ideal for this and the fishing is great.

During this festive season the odd bottle of Sloe Gin or the likes has been known to appear………..

Many of our fisheries now sell food and a Bacon Roll or two can be a satisfying lunch.

Also on small waters you can wander around during the day and watch and learn from each other as well as chat and maybe exchange flies

The day often ends with a brew and plans to meet up again and so continue the social cycle.

I know some people enjoy just fishing on their own but I enjoy all my types of fishing.

A full day on the river entirely on my own is magical. A day out on a loch with a good friend is a joy and a group of friends meeting up at a small water with a Lunch planned is great craic.

Variety is the spice of life and I suspect I am getting my share!


Fancy Cakes at Lunchtime

Fancy Cakes at Lunchtime