It is like Snooker.

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I read somewhere that no two games are ever the same.

Well it is the same as Fly Fishing.

I had been up to the Loch on Sunday and even with a busy day I had a shed load of fish as well as half a shed lost in play and at least a greenhouse of other takes.

Most other anglers had a lot of fish as well

My friend and Coldingham Regular Bob Cockburn was there on the Tuesday and had even more fish.

So with a reasonable day forecast for the Thursday we arranged a trip together.

There was a quiet air of confidence about us in the morning induced partly by the sight of rising fish, our recent successes and the backup of a thousand previous days on the loch between us!

I still had my rod set up from the previous day and did not change anything.

The set up was a Midge Tip line and an assortment of flies.

I was not too bothered about the flies as on my previous visit I had caught on everything I had tied on during the day. I used so many flies that I put “Bassets” in the Lodge return book.

All Sorts in case you didn’t work it out.

Anyway off we go and we started just by the boat shed lilies as this area had been, in the local vernacular “Hoaching”

Zilch, Nothing, Nada, a big fat Zero!

There were fish rising so I picked up my Dry Fly rod.

Repeat as above.

Not even an inspection.

After a while Bob managed a fish but with around two hours gone it was the only one to the boat.

So I decided to change tactics. I used the same line and leader but put a size 16 tungsten beaded Czech fly on the point and a size 16 Diawl Bach and a size 16 Buzzer above it.

Good Angling πŸ™‚

Three fish in less than half an hour.

By the time we went in for Lunch I had six and Bob was on four so not a bad morning.

The afternoon started well for me with an another two fish in the first half hour but then it got tough.

The wind was very light and kept changing direction and then died altogether and a we were left with a mirror flat calm with the fish rising almost always out of range.

Bob eventually picked up another three fish and remarkably everyone of his seven fish was on a different fly.

I had another two fish so we ended up with seventeen to the boat which is of course a great day but a complete change of tactics was needed from only a few days previously.

All my fish came to the Diawl Bach and Buzzer but although none to the Tungsten Nymph this was helping me turn over the cast and influencing the way the other flies fished. So it stayed on.

Our conclusion was that a violent thunderstorm overnight and a hatch of very tiny buzzers in the morning had just got the majority of the fish just a little bit wary.

No doubt a couple of more settled days will get them chasing again.

I suppose that means I will have to go back again. Just to check……… πŸ™‚

A Chunky Resident

A Chunky Resident




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