Good Angling Bad Angling

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My mate Bob Cockburn keeps a Fishing Diary

He is an excellent Angler and catches over 600 fish a year and averages over 10 fish a day on Coldingham.

I probably fish as much as him and I like to think I can keep up.

Now last week I was on the Loch for my sixth visit of the new season and I have been fishing the small waters all winter.   I really cannot claim to be rusty which can occur on your first few visits if you lay up during the winter.

So  I hook into my fifth fish of the day and although it quickly becomes obvious it is a big one it should be no problem to an experienced angler who is in the groove.



After playing it for a few minutes it comes near the net and what do I do?

Make a dash at it and only get a dropper stuck in the net!

Bad Angling!

Now the fly in the net never ever had a barb but despite the fish just hanging there waiting for me, three attempts to get the fly out fail. Doh!

The fish then takes the matter into its own initiative and snaps it off.

But it is still on………………..

So I start playing it again only to let it get my fly line around the motor.

Bad Angling !

Anyway it eventuallly comes out the right way and after a bit more play I finally net it.

Including the net it goes 9lbs in a quick weigh and I take a pound and a half off which leaves the fish around 7.5 Lbs. A brilliant looking over wintered fish for a lucky angler. It goes back strongly after a minute or so rest in the net which I always leave in the water.

Lucky Angling!

Anyway. and moving quickly on 🙂 I was out again today and although I got one fish early on everything dries up.

I was fishing a Fast Glass line and a team of flies on some reasonably stout nylon which is what I usually do at the Loch..

Now some people are saying the water is Gin Clear at the moment.

I would say it is clearer!

When it is flat calm you can almost imagine the boat is floating in air!

So with that in mind and after some thought I decided to re-rig.

I took the Fast Glass line off and replaced it with a Slime Line.

This is the same sink rate as the Fast Glass but being a “clear” line it is much less visible in the water.

I also renewed the leader going finer and with only two flies 11 feet apart and the dropper 10 feet from the end of the fly line.

I also downgraded the flies to something similar but slightly more subtle.

Bingo……………….a nice trout first cast.

Good Angling?

Well one fish does not prove it but I was happy with eight by lunchtime with 7 of them on the new set up. 🙂

Now earlier in the week I had Chris out for Tuition and it was his first ever time Fly Fishing.

The day was a 70th Birthday Present from his son Scott.

He did really well catching 4 fish and losing three at the net as well as having a few more good pulls.

Two of the things he was really good at was following the flyline with the rod as the boat swung at anchor and fishing the hang.

Two essential skills for any angler.

Good Angling?


Bob Dalgleish. Still fishing in his 90th Year.

Bob Dalgleish. Still Game at 89 years.