Full Circle ?

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Above is the railway bridge with the hotel in the background and the confluence of the two rivers to the left.

Full Circle ?

In the August Blogs there is a brief “history” of the Tweedmouth and Spittal Angling Club.

You need to click on August and scroll down past the second article about the club.

Any way this is an extract from about 1935.

An annual competition on Good Friday – usually on Cornhill and Lennel water was arranged – travel was by train or bus with baskets to be weighed in at Tweedmouth railway station – the fish caught were handed in to Berwick Infirmary.

So anyway there I was at the train station, waders and all the gear on ready to go fishing.

A time warp?

Well yes and no.

I was in the Czech Republic and the train station was right outside the Hotel Spalov where I was staying with a group of anglers on a fishing trip organised by Dave Downie.

Now this station is not what you might think of as in the UK.

No it was more like a Bus Shelter.

The trains ran like one as well.

Probably a max of twenty miles an hour and stopping at every little village.

Just like the old days……………………

Fishing By Train

Fishing By Train

A few yards from the station was a bridge over the River Jerzeera and at the side of the bridge was the confluence with the smaller River Kaminice`

So two rivers about 100 yards from the Hotel front door and a train service running up and down them both!

I was a bit strange at first getting on the train in full regalia and we were often met with an amused smile or two from the locals. A single journey up the line to the next station was about 40 pence and a return about 70 pence.

The trains were modern with self service tickets but also a conductor. It was just a question of knowing the name of the stop you wished to get off at and holding out a handful of change for him or her to take some………….

A hand signal was required for single or return. πŸ™‚


Oh the Fishing!

Well it was just great, sometimes around 50 fish in a day.

Nothing huge for me. A 15 inch grayling was probably my best fish and an average of around 10 inches.

Fantastic sport on two weight rods.

I fished mainly Upstream Nymph with a few fish caught on Duo and some to the Dries.

Some of the lads fished a lot of Duo and were just as successful.

A Nice Trout.

A Nice Trout.

Evenings were mainly filled in by Beer and Food with the occasional game of Pool.

For the first two days we had former World Fly Fishing Champion Martin Droz with us.

Martin gave us some demonstrations and talked through his tactics and equipment for the first day and then spent the second day giving the small group one to one advice.

In the evening he tied flies for us.

Martin Droz Demonstrating.

Martin Droz Demonstrating on the River Kaminice

A Master at work.

A Master at work.

So a great 9 days fishing and a day’s travelling either end for around Β£750 with everything in.

Flights, Beer, Food and Pool which was about two pence a game! Pints at 80 pence……….

Dave runs two trips a year out there so if you are interested for next year contact him here.



River Jerzeera with the hotel just visible in the background.

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