Fair Weather Fishermen ?

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I don’t understand them………………………….

Well I suppose we are all different but I still don’t understand!

I firmly believe that apart from a few odd days we don’t have bad weather in this country

Just inappropriate clothing.

I mean it is not like the Rockies where it might be minus thirty and a blizzard or the hills of North East India which can have up to a 1000 inches of rain in a year. We get 20 to 30!

So why is the Loch so quiet. It is full of keen fish!

I was looking after Coldingham last Wednesday as Carmel was off visiting her Mum and Gareth had arranged to help a local gamekeeper on a shoot day.

My only customer was Bob Cockburn and he was fishing from the Bank so once he was settled I could fish myself.

The weather was a bit breezy and cool but as the wind had south in it there is always a bit shelter in Boathouse Bay.

After ten minutes I had returned two fish………

So what about the clothing?

Well I have said for years that a decent set of waterproofs will over a season catch you more fish than any fancy rod.

Also the modern clothing is designed around a layering system. So if you have decent waterproofs all you need to do is add an extra layer or two to keep snug..

Buy a set of Long Johns and a Thermal Vest/Top and you have a great base layer.

Modern polypropylene is the way to go as this allows moisture to breath out. Avoid cotton as if you sweat a bit when moving around the Bank or loading up your Boat this will condense and may chill you.

After the base layer it is just a question of adding more.  A shirt, a fine jumper and a lined fleece together with your jacket will be enough for the vast majority of days.

Long Johns with some lined trousers and your waterproof over trousers will do the job.

Lined trousers can be picked up in the local tackle shop for under £25 and can be worn for a good part of the year.

Some loose fitting boots and some extra socks should look after your feet.

I use fingerless gloves when the weather is a bit chilly and on cool windy days.

Quite a few anglers tell me they cannot fish in gloves. I tell them when it is cold I cannot fish without them!

I also think that if you use them for an hour or so you will forget that they are on. Thin fleece ones I find the best. Milla Mitts they used to be called in the old days.

If it is a really cold day then some of the modern pocket handwarmers and footwarmers are great and why not come into the lodge for your lunch. Put the heaters on for a few minutes and it is soon snug and a hot drink or even something stronger will soon warm the cockles…….

Oh the fishing…………….. Well Bob had 17 fish and I had 14 so those keep you warm anyway!

Both of us used Midge Tip Lines and a gentle retrieve. Bob had a lot of fish on a small black nymph and I caught mainly on a small white lure. Easy fishing so why not give it a go.


A Heavy Trout.