Coldingham Loch Fly Fishing 1

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The day started of in a slightly different manner to normal.

As it was pouring with rain and perishingly cold with it, Gareth the owner asked us to stay in our vehicles and form a convoy at the top of the hill leading down to the Lodge.

After we were all assembled we slowly drove down to the Loch precede by Simon the Bagpiper.
Stirring Stuff………

This was then followed by the traditional offerings of Whisky and Shortbread
Warming Stuff……..
It really was a miserable day and as I had brought along a friend and novice angler Pavel who had only ever caught one fish from his previous three visits to the Loch I was slightly worried.

I did have a slightly ulterior motive in asking Pavel.

You see he is the Secretary of one of our small local angling clubs (link to Tweedmouth and Spittal Club) and most of you will know how hard it is to get secretaries so we have to look after them!

Two hours into the fishing day and with not even a pull between us I was even more worried.

I shouldn’t have been.
Once we found the fish and the method it was a field day!

Pavel was on a four fish ticket as he and his wife are keen fish chefs. His first two fish were around the 2 to 3 lb mark which is normal for Coldingham Loch but the third fish he hooked was making some ominous rumblings in the water and some powerful runs.

It was obviously a good size but it would only become clear how big when I netted it.

This did prove to be a slightly comedic moment as he played the fish out of one side of the boat while trying to snag his net with the remaining handle out of the other side!I ended up netting it. A. because it was the right thing to do to help a friend but B. because the end fell of Pavels net!

He did not buy the net from me I hasten to add..

I believe Argos was to blame…………………………….

It turned out to be a full finned fish weighing 12 pounds.

Pavels fourth fish was around 9 pounds but he very sportingly returned this as he already had the one very big one.

Mind you the fourth fish he took was around 3lbs.

So with around a good dozen fish to the boat we returned to the lodge for a warm up and some welcome Bacon Rolls kindly provided by Gareth and Carmel the owners.

In the afternoon the weather improved and we enjoyed some fantastic catch and release fishing with Pavel getting well into double figures which included some beautiful Brown Trout.

My day was just as good although the largest fish I released was only around 5 pounds……..!

All in all a wonderful day out despite the weather and another angler hooked on Coldingham Loch which really is a diamond of a fishery.

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