Coldingham Loch May 2014

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‘A week is a long time in Fishing’

Last week I was on the Loch with Roger Johnson.

Roger had kindly donated £100 to Team England Fly Fishing in return for a day out on the Loch with me as his Guide.

The weather in the morning was a bit grim. It was the 1st of May and we could have expected better but once more it was cold wet and windy. In fact it was Baltic!

The fishing matched the weather and when we went in for an early lunch we were both blank.

There had been some action with a lost fish each and a couple of tentative pulls.

However as my good mate Tony Curtis always says “You can’t Fry a Pull.”

Actually he says “You can’t Fry a Rise” but there was not a chance of a rising fish in those conditions!

At lunch the Fishing hut was packed with members of the Mid Lothian Fishing Club and the stories were much the same but with an odd fish having been caught.

One Chap even had two which everyone who was blank thought was a bit greedy. 🙂

The afternoon was better.

Conditions eased somewhat and a few fish were caught and myself and my Guest managed seven fish to the Boat. Mainly caught pulling lures.


Many thanks to Roger for his company and generosity.


One Week Later.

Conditions were better but not tropical by any means. A degree or two warmer and only showers.

I had two rods set up, One with the lures that worked last week and one with dries for later in the day. However on a whim I decided to try the dries to start with.

I wasn’t particularly hopeful as I had not seen anything rise and with a cool night behind us the day had not warmed up. Also Gareth who had been around since early in the morning had not seen a single fish rise or any insect activity.

Then again the day before had seen quite a few fish caught on Dries so I was hoping that at least some of the Trout had better memories than their Goldfish Cousins.

So I set off from the Boat Shed on a drift out to the Aerator Buoys.

I was just approaching the Buoys and was thinking of picking up the lure rod when I had a swirl at my point fly.

Two more swirls followed without a touch and I was just beginning to contemplate a fly change when all hell broke loose.

What turned out to be a perfect 3 lb. Blue sipped my fly down and then went airborne.

I was only using a six weight rod and fine leader so it was about 5 minutes later before I could remove the hook and slip it back out of the net.

I am sure that at one stage it went right to the bottom. My line was straight up and down and I was in at least 30 feet of water.

My size 18 Black F Fly needed a bit of TLC after that but not long after I was into my second fish.

A nice Rainbow well over two pounds.

By lunchtime I had seven fish in the net with one lost on a double hook up. I had also had multiple inspections and missed offers.

I caught the whole length of the Loch having drifted from the Boat Shed right up to the Top End reeds.

Interestingly apart from the double hook up I had all the fish on the point fly.

I was fishing two identical flies and even changed them round at one stage but still only the point fly was working.

After lunch I changed to fishing Buzzers on the washing line and ended up with another 7 fish to the net with some others lost and quite a few of those non friable pulls. 🙂

So although it was only a week and conditions were only marginally better the response of the trout was completely different. Always good to be aware that what works one week will not always work the next week. Maybe not even the next day………………

This will be my last “Blog” for a month or so as I am off to the Czech Republic next week. I am taking part in the World Fly Fishing Championships where I am coaching the Canadian Team.

Wish us Luck.

Robbie Bell Resident Instructor and Guide