Coldingham Loch Fly Fishing 3

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Saturday June the 21st.

The longest day…………………..

I’m retired………………………….

It’s my Birthday…………………..

So why am I working?

Well Guiding and giving Tuition to 12 year old Callum Barcham for his Birthday Treat is not the sort of work you would begin to complain about even if it is your Birthday.

I had wanted to start earlier as the fishing is often better first thing in the summer but we eventually got on the water about 10 30 and by 11.00 the pressure is off. A nice 2 lb. resident fish on a biscuit blob, a Di 3 and a steady figure of eight retrieve over deep water.

I offer a 25% refund if no fish are caught on a Tuition Day so that is that monkey off my back. 🙂

Just before lunch a second fish and I can now really enjoy my sandwiches.

As we put the fish in the hut fridge to keep cool a number of old boys who are just finishing their Lunch after a tough morning ask the usual question. “What did you get it on?”

The reply of a Biscuit Blob is followed by “What is That” and means Carmel has to open up the office again and a mini buying spree ensues.

However only one of the Gents asks how he caught the fish and sure enough within about 15 minutes of going back out he gets a fish to the Biscuit Blob, Di 3 and slow retrieve.

Always ask how the fish is caught and not just what fly………………………. 🙂

Anyway an hour after our lunch with not a sniff I decide to move but when I pull the anchor in I notice the rope is warm until where it had been about 15 feet or so below the surface when it suddenly gets cooler.

A light Bulb goes on in my head so I sort out for Callum a floating line, an indicator and amongst other flies a Millennium Bug 15 feet down.


Callum misses the first two offers as he does not quite know what he is looking for but the third one is solid and the afternoon is up and running. Five minutes later a stunning Blue Trout about 3 lbs. is in the net and safely released and shortly after number five is slipped back by a beaming young man.

The action then slows down but a move of about 40 yards to new area brings up number six.

Can he make it a lucky seven?

With half an hour to go Callum sees a take that I miss and calmly lifts in to another fish.

However the fish runs towards the boat and despite his best efforts when Callum catches up with the line all is slack. The barbless hook is shed and the fish is gone.

“You only have five minutes left Callum” I say and hardly get the words out of my mouth when he lifts in to what would prove to be his seventh fish of the day. After releasing it and engaging in the now customary High Five we head back to the boat dock where remarkably for the second time that day Callum coolly motors the boat in to its awkward mooring spot.

Good Boat Driving, Good Blobbing and Good Bugging Young Man!

He is five fish clear of the next best angler on the day………………… Way to go!

So a very pleasant way to spend my Birthday in the company of a fine and impressive young man who is just starting out on his fly fishing journey.

Home to the pressies now. Ha Ha


Robbie Bell Coldingham Loch Resident Instructor and Guide