Coldingham Loch April 2014

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No two days are the same……………..

I think it must have been a trout that invented that rule.

I had been up at the Loch six days previously and caught a hat full of trout.

Great fishing as well. Just cast a team of buzzers across the wind and let the breeze fish them for you. The slowest of figure of eight retrieves was all that was required.

As my old mate Bob Dalgleish says if you are fishing your Buzzers as slow as you can you are going too fast.

Anyway just doing that and every few casts a fish would try to pull your rod arm out of its socket!

Savage Takes.

The only thing remotely special was I was using slightly small Buzzers in a size sixteen.

I would also occasionally put a buoyant fly on the point to keep the buzzers up.

Washing Line Style.

I would also take this off now and again to fish a bit deeper.

It did not make much difference.

So when I went back up on Easter Monday I just had to do the same again. Right?


Not a touch on the Buzzers. Not even a pull. Washing Line or Deep…….Nowt.

Never mind the weather is almost perfect if a little cold and there is a gentle breeze and dozens of rising fish so just pick the dry fly rod up.

Easy Peasy right?


After a good few changes of Flies my Boat Seat Fly Patch was looking like one of those old fashioned Butchers Fly Papers……..

Looking round the Loch it seemed to be pretty hard going for everyone.

OK…… time to go smaller and finer.

5X leader and a single size 18 Black F Fly.

Bingo! Fish on First Cast!

*%$”!!XX*&! It Fell Off!

Never mind by Lunchtime I had 4 fish and at least something to tell Gareth who I had arranged to meet to hear about his recent trip to Ghyll Head Fishery and Stocks Reservoir.

It probably got tougher again in the afternoon as the sun came out so a fast sinking line and some Lures and Diawl Bachs picked up some fish with a few of more of the long range Catch and Release variety.

I ended up with 8 fish to the net which was better than most on what was a generally tough day.

As my mate Andy Croucher often says; “The Fish have a vote and sometimes they use it.”

Today most of them did.

Best Regards

Robbie Bell Resident Guide and Instructor.