Coldingham Loch Fly Fishing 6

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“It’s a Game of Two Days.”

I arrived early enough but after setting up the boat the usual Blether and Brew went on a bit longer than it should have…………….. ๐Ÿ™‚

However it ended suddenly when the dreaded blue sky appeared on the horizon.

A quick dash to the boat and off we go.

Third cast and a fish on. Dries again.

The oaths when it came off were fairly muted, tempered as they were by the early contact.

Five minutes later and a fish in the net.

Ten minutes later with another good trout caught and released a certain smugness ensued as this one was under a blazing sun.

Big mistake!

That was it for the day!

A good number of fish that were rising by the buoys proved to be “uncatchable” by me and a local expert Bob Cockburn. We threw most things at them. Bob lost one but I never had a sniff.



Tuition with Ian Anderson.

I started with the usual safety briefing and we decided to go straight to the actual fishing and leave theย  theory until lunchtime.

First thing in the morning is often the best time particularly at this time of year.

Cooler overnight conditions often bring the fish up and they have been largely undisturbed in the early hours.

I started Ian off on classical Loch Style Dry Fly fishing.

This provoked a lot of interest from the fish but no commitment. Fresh Air Shots I have heard them called but I usually class them as Inspections.

Numerous change of flies resulted in the same outcome. Interest but no contact.

A change of tactics but still fishing dries and Ian still had not touched a fish but we were seeing signs of the fish becoming slightly more aggressive.

One more change to the tactics and he was in.

Ian had a certain amount of experience but this was his first fish on a Dry Fly.

By lunchtime with six fish in the net and two or three lost he was delighted with his morning.

So was I……………………. ๐Ÿ™‚

We did some theory with our sandwiches. Going through Preparation and Tactics and some questions and answers.

After lunch we decided to start on learning Buzzer fishing.

After going through this with a couple of different methods and at least one fish hooked and lost a voice from the other end of the boat said;

“Can we go back to the Dries?”

Of course……………. no problem………….. another convert………………….. ๐Ÿ™‚

At five o’clock with 11 fish for the day netted and half as many again lost a happy Client and Instructor headed in to get the kettle on.

Ian is staying at the Loch this week so after a cuppa I left him a few flies for his fishing next day and headed home.

What a difference some cloud and ripple can make!





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