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I would take 89 now.

I wouldn’t say that when I was 88 though………………………. πŸ™‚

However to be still fishing and catching at 89 is something we all hope for.

Bob Dalgleish was my regular boat partner up until he was 84 when 5 years ago he moved away.

With his wife Nan being the same age and the both of them not getting any younger they decided it would be best to move away from Berwick to live close to their Daughter and Granddaughter who are both in South Wales.

“Bob’s left the country” I used to say when numerous people asked after him. Ha Ha

So it was great that he was back in Berwick on holiday and raring to go Fishing.

We had an afternoon down at Chatton on the Sunday as all the Coldingham boats were booked.

Bob managed a couple of fish off the Dam wall so was happy enough with his day. He had one on a Black Hopper and the other on a Diawl Bach.

I managed three myself so it was probably not the easiest day.

However on the Tuesday we were out on the Loch.

Me and Bob have probably fished Coldingham together on 40 or 50 occasions over the years so it really was like old times.

The fishing was not particularly easy with a strong gusty wind and bright sunshine but we managed a respectable 9 fish between us and a few more lost in play.. We fished the full day with no hint of Bob wanting to pack in early.

In fact I would have probably got a withering look if I had even suggested it!

Cormorants and a Slow Intermediate line was the best set up and most of the fish came with the slowest of retrieves. Static really with the fish taking as the flies dropped through the first few feet.

I had hoped to fish with Bob again on the Thursday but circumstances were against us.

Never mind I have told him to be back up next April/May when the Buzzer fishing is at its peak.

Bob was always good at tying and fishing the Buzzers and it will be great to fish with a 90 year old!

Having seen his fly boxes this time the tying is still as good as ever and both at Chatton and the Loch he still had the fishing off pat. Playing and releasing his fish with the same confidence of earlier years.

I’d take 89 now…………………………………… πŸ™‚

Bob Dalgleish. Still Game at 89 years.

Bob Dalgleish. Still Game at 89 years.




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