Best of Both Worlds

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The Loch is one of those rare places.

Well of course some of that is obvious. It is a natural beauty spot and the water is gin clear.

It is also quiet and relaxed with a great selection of wildlife but that is not what I mean.

I am thinking of its size.

At 22 acres it is not a small water of which there are many nationwide.

Nor is it a large open and possibly daunting bit of water. Like Rutland or Grafham or to a lesser extent the Lake of Menteith.

So we get the benefit of it being intimate but still big enough for a drifting boat. A nicely sized water that allows you to fish “Loch Style” and” Bank Style” at the same venue.

So I had a drift last Thursday. To be honest I did a bit of anchoring as well.

In fact I started off the day  anchored just off the Boat Shed Bay.

My partner for the day was Ronnie Glass from the Orvis shop in Kelso and he had a few things to attend too before he could arrive. So I told him I would remain close by until then.

Good call!  I had six fish and lost one by the time he arrived……….

I was on a Fast Glass line with an Olive Leach and a Claret Leach ten feet apart on a 20 foot leader. This is my standard pulling rig these days.

The Fast Glass gives you the option of fishing pretty high in the water if you pull back straight away. However you can achieve a reasonable depth by counting to 20 or 30 before starting your retrieve.

it is now  my go to line when I have no firm information on anything else.

It’s a sort of versatile midfield player.

Anyway after picking up Ronnie from the jetty back out we go .I am catching a few more but Ronnie is still blank.  A move of about 30 yards along the south shore and he is straight into fish.

This neatly illustrates the need, particularly in early season to keep on the move.  The taking fish were just on my side of the boat which was slightly deeper water.

It was now time to organise Lunch!

I was keen to try out the new cooker in the Lodge and had organised Pies and Peas and some cake.

We were joined by Gareth and Carmel as well as James and Bob Cockburn.

A Social Lunch is becoming a more frequent part of my fishing day and is now something I enjoy more and more. Gone  are the days of having my sandwiches cut into bite size pieces that I could eat between casts!

Surely  a sign of my ever advancing years. 🙂

By the time we went out again the wind had eased down to a gentle breeze.

Floating lines were now the order of the day and while I used Buzzers Ronnie went on to the Dries.

The buzzers were definitely more successful including two fish at once on three different occasions.

However Ronnie was getting plenty of action but the fish were only rarely hooking up.  As the wind eased further we started drifting across the middle and through the buoys with rising fish all around us.

By now the Dry Fly was working much better and my Buzzers were probably going too deep.  Ronnie ended up with about 5 fish to a Black Suspender Buzzer and we later learned that Bob Cockburn had 7 fish on a small Black Hopper.

I probably should have changed to Dries but I had had such a splendid day there was no pressure to do so.

I just enjoyed watching one of Scotland’s finest anglers doing it for me.

(Safe in the knowledge that I was comfortably ahead of him thanks to my early start……. Ha Ha)

Two at Once

Two at Once