Beginners Luck?

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Last week I had the pleasure of instructing Frankie Allan in his first venture into fly Fishing on Coldingham Loch.

Frankie had done some sea fishing before but the world of flies and lines and leaders was a mystery to him.

We started off with a discussion on tackle and I explained the AFTMA system of rods to him before moving onto the lines and reels and leaders.

A brief chat on basic Entomology and the link to the artificial flies we use and off we went.

Now Frankie has a busy and stressful job working in the Accident and Emergency department of a major Hospital.

So even before he hooked a fish he was lapping up the peace and tranquillity of the Loch and its surroundings. Even the quiet electric motor was appreciated. 🙂

I was casting the line out for him and then instructing him on different retrieve techniques.

Things were unexpectedly a bit quiet for the first hour or so. I had fished the Loch myself only two days previously and I had confidence in the flies and line we were using and in the location

Perhaps it was just a bit cold overnight and things were bound to liven up.

Sure enough the line eventually locked up but after a few seconds of borderline panic 🙂 everything went slack.

Disappointment yes but also a bit of encouragement and confidence in what we were doing.

Three casts later everything went solid and it was immediately obvious that this was a big fish.

Frankie did really well playing the fish despite the perhaps over exuberant and very vocal advice from his Instructor!

A clients first Trout always gets me going and this one was a bit special.

It may have not been an absolutely perfect specimen but at five and a half pounds it was a serious fish for anyone never mind a complete novice.

A nice three pound fish soon followed and with one more in the net and another couple lost we were both happy to go in for a nice Lunch.

The afternoon started off a bit quieter but one more fish had Frankie’s grin becoming even wider.

As things quietened off I decided to give Frankie a tour of the Loch to point out the various features and depths as it was obvious from his enthusiasm that he would be coming back often.

Motoring around the Top End we came across a pod of rising fish and decide to stop and have a cast.

It would have been be rude not too.

So a further six fish hooked and three of them landed were added to his total by close of play.

That made seven fish netted and a further six lost in play for his first outing which made for one very happy Angler and obviously a well satisfied Instructor. 🙂

Well done Frankie.

A Serious Trout.

A Serious Trout.