Another Season Finishes.

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Another Season Finishes on Coldingham Loch.

One more, one less!

I used to keep a fishing diary but not anymore unfortunately.

So if I was to say which has been the best month this year it will be just a guess.

However November has to be there or thereabouts.

Myself and a few other anglers have had some great days on the Dries.

For me it has been a simple fly that has worked which is as follows;

Size 18 Tiemco SPBLB.

This is a Black Barbless Curved Buzzer type Hook.

I then just use some Black 8/0 thread and make a slightly tapered body. I then tie in some Black 3mm diameter closed cell foam shuttlecock style and cut this off to about 4 to 5 mm long.

That is it.   A fly that anyone could tie.

There have been some very good hatches of some very small Black Buzzers particularly at the top end of the Loch.

Now my fly is nowhere near a close copy of the natural but it seems to work for enough of the fish to make your day worthwhile.  I have tried adding red ribs or an orange thread or hares ear thorax but the plain black seems the best.

With regard to the season as a whole the Biscuit has still been my top fly although perhaps not quite as prolific as the previous two seasons.

It lost form as did many other flies this year but came back into its own as the summer faded and the Loch cooled.  One day in early October I tried to wean myself off it and fished for a couple of hours with a small selection of other point flies with not even a take. So I decided to put it back on and first cast a nice Rainbow.

Coincidence or not it has stayed on ever since!

Of course if you always have it on then the chances are you are always going to catch on it.

A bit of a Self Licking Lolly.

So for the very final day of this season I am once again out with young Corben.

The forecast of about 4 degrees and a stiff breeze does not put him off.

He is raring to go unlike one friend who has called off but will remain nameless!

So we are off out at 09.00 and it is Baltic and blowing at least half a Hooley.

We motor right up the top end where it had been lifting with rising fish on Wednesday.

With a bright Sun and not a cloud in the sky it is dead.   Not a fin to be seen and even the Biscuit cannot get any interest.

After about an hour we decide to go back to around the cage where there is at least a bit of shelter and it feels a tiny tad warmer.  I manage to pick up a fish and Corben gets a few takes but nothing sticks.  Later on I manage another one out on a Di 7.

With only about an hour to go we decide to try the top end again. By now the wind is easing and with the Sun low in the sky there are a couple of fish moving.

 A lovely Brownie of around a pound in weight comes my way but nothing for the Lad.

At ten to four with the Gloom strengthening he is in!

It is not the biggest fish but it is pulling hard and is a real struggle to get it anywhere near the net.

Finally it slips over the rim and it’s High Fives and Phone Photos all round.

Well Done Young Man.  You persevered in far from ideal conditions and prevailed after everyone else had packed in early.

The Last Trout of the Season!