Most stocked Stillwater Trout Fisheries that we fish these days have all different kinds of fish in them.

Of course there is the obvious of Browns, Rainbows and perhaps Blues.

But what I mean is the variation in the predominant Rainbows.

Those fish that will take a certain fly one day or one week but not the next.

If you think about it there are Trout that were stocked yesterday, fish that were stocked last week, last month, three months ago and even last year.

So we have the “different” kinds of fish and as a general rule they can be very different in their behaviour.

Of course we all know of the fresh stockies who will grab anything in sight. especially after a few days when they have not been fed and they have acclimatised to their surroundings.

And  we all know how they can go off the Lures especially after a few day when they have been caught once and perhaps jagged another time and in between seen a full spectrum of flies pulled past them..

These still reasonably fresh fish then have to learn to feed naturally but perhaps they only know or recognise the one thing to start with.

Maybe they only start feeding on size 16 buzzers and ignore your size 12!

But perhaps after a week or so they learn to take buzzers of all sizes and perhaps colours and your three or four fly cast  of mixed buzzers makes you king of the castle. 🙂

However your mate on the other end of the water struggles with his perfectly presented Wet Flies or Diawl Bach’s

Another week or two down the line the wet flies and nymphs as well as the buzzers are working but a realistic damsel fails as these fish have never seen one.

Another month further on and these fish have just about seen everything the lake has to offer and are reasonably catholic in their taste and perhaps a bit hungry and will fall for most well presented flies.

They may have also become a bit territorial and will be snapping back at the blobs and boobies.  Full Circle?

Now until the trout start talking or writing some books then this is all conjecture.

Maybe though, just maybe it is one possible explanation why what worked for you last week is what is not working for you this week. 🙂

Another different kind of fish!

Another different kind of fish!