A Tale of Two Days.

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Well I am now firmly back from Colorado where I had a fantastic time with some old and some new friends. The Canadian Youths who I was coaching at the World Championships were a fantastic bunch of young men. Respectful, Polite, Keen and Dedicated.

They were also all very good Fly Fishermen who would really enjoy the Stillwater Fishing we have over here. Now having fished around the world in a few places I would say we have the best set up of Organised Fisheries of anywhere I have been.

Places like Canada the USA and Czech Republic do not have the variety as well as the facilities that our venues enjoy.

I am sure my Friends in all those Countries would really enjoy Coldingham Loch.


I have had three people for Tuition recently . They were all first time visitors to Coldingham and the first thing they all say is how great it looks.

First up were Julie and Jamie and the half days fishing was a Birthday Present for His Mum from Jamie. It was something she had wanted to do for a long time.

Jamie had a little bit of fly fishing experience and was pleased to catch four and lose one on a rather cold and blustery morning.. I suggested the odd tweak to his set up and methods and a few tips on control of his flies and it seemed to make the difference. 🙂

Mum Julie hooked five fish and managed to land the all important first one.

It really was a morning where slight changes in tactics kept the takes coming. Taking off a Goldhead while staying on the floating line was one change that worked. Going to an Intermediate line and fishing a buoyant and imitative fly like a Foam Daddy was another successful move.

Peter was my next client, A Retired Gentlemen who had never fished since his youth and then it was coarse fishing.

The sun shone all day and whilst this was pleasant and showed off the scenery at its best it did not help our fishing. I regularly changed lines and flies and methods for him but today seemed more about location.

Keeping on the move was this days answer and the icing on the cake of a “Brilliant Day” (his words) was a resident 3lb Rainbow to take home.

So two days quite close together where the answer to the ever changing puzzle that is fishing were quite different.

It’s one reason why we love it.     🙂

A Chunky Resident

A Chunky Resident