A Day to Remember

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The place was lifting with Salmon Fishermen.

Most had spinning rods.

I can’t figure that one out either. I mean they weren’t kids.
Three or Four Inch Toby’s just don’t do it for me.
Mind you neither does Salmon Fishing. What is it all about?
I have caught Salmon to 28 lbs. and Sea Trout to 11 Lbs on the fly. So been there, done that.
But nowadays if you put me on the Junction Pool in October when, if you could get on, it would be a £1000 a day I would fish for Grayling. Honest.
People go days, weeks, even years without catching a salmon.
I just don’t get it.
The Tweed and Teviot are full of magnificent Trout and Grayling.
Why fish for something that might not even be there?

I could not get in the Castle Stream so I went up above. I think the locals call it the Slewins but I might be wrong. I had to take the brick off the point in this shallower water and put on something a bit lighter.
First fish was 10 inch Brownie. Full of condition. Sweet.
Two more grayling and I thought I would walk back to the Cottage Stream.

Passing by the Castle Stream the salmon men have moved downstream and are having their lunch. Third cast at the head of the stream and I have two on at once!

The first one is netted reasonably easy after an extended fight but the second one takes a bit of a improvised McEnroe backhand to keep the first one in the net as well.

I stick two fingers up at the salmon fishermen. Just to let them know how many!
What else could I mean? Ha Ha

Two casts later another fine fish. These are all around 35 cm. Lovely fish although a bit smaller than I have grown used to over the last few moths.
Doesn’t matter to me one iota. A Fish is a Fish is a Fish. The take you see.
Lunch time for the Tweed salmon men so I dash off to Hempseedford.

It’s known as Hemsford which is definitely more manageable.

This is a fast deep run with a good seam. Four or five fish out of here, mainly on the Baetis Nymph. I offer a silent prayer to Oliver.

The salmon men are back. I am so engrossed that the first I know is when I am politely asked to move by the boatman.

It’s a fair cop Guv.

Pringles Annie is next. The main stream below the Pinballs is too heavy but a couple of fish come out of the bywater.

I finish the day with a couple of more Grayling and another ten inch Brown is the last fish at a quarter to five. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

What a day. 12 or 14 fish well spaced out. Two different rivers, many different places.

I fished most of the day through red eyes though.

I had to have my old dog put down this morning.
Bruno………. aka Big Frank……… Chocolate Labrador 14 ½ years old.
Winner of some amateur field trials in another age.
Faithful friend, loyal companion.
Had his photo in Trout and Salmon many years ago.

Jeez that was a tough phone call to the vet.

Still at least the old boy went in his basket with a modicum of dignity.
That may be more than some of us have in store………..