A Day Out

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17th July

I was fishing again today. This time with a net.

Well not really a net more of a white plastic kitchen strainer taped on the end of a brush shank!

What the …………………

I was out with the Tweed Biologists Electro Fishing the Eye Water.

It took me a  while to locate them, driving up and down the road several times before finding the turn off on to a track into a wood that would have had Robin Hood struggling to find.

Now I had done some electro fishing on small Burns with Kenny Galt the Trout Biologist before.

This was different. Instead of just the two of us and a back pack this was a six man squad with a section of the river netted off and a generator powering the equipment. Man Stuff!

Except we had two young Ladies helping.  Students getting some hands on experience and very good they were too.

Anyway we did one site in the morning where the Ale Water meets the Eye Water.

Three runs through and a good collection of Trout, Salmon Parr and Fry, Minnows, Sculpins and Eels. A fair few Eels.

Maybe they are making a tentative recovery from the near 90% collapse they have suffered.

Time for Lunch.  After a few snacks Kenny decides on a quick aerial survey of the Ale 🙂

See Photo Above!

Then we head upstream to near Reston and the second site.

Different water here. Large beds of Rannuculus weeds make the fishing a bit tougher but the first pass produces a lot of fish.

The same as before plus Sticklebacks and a couple of small Lampreys.

The second and third pass produce a lot less so perhaps we did a better job the first time than we thought.  Good Angling?

A fun and interesting day out and nice to see a small river in excellent health.  We will be doing some more on the Whiteadder Catchment next month and if anyone would like to join us please get in touch.



Electro Fishing the Eye Water