It Depends

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It Depends.

That is probably the only true answer for any Fishing Question.

However, one thing I frequently get asked as an Instructor or as a reasonably successful Angler is how long should my leader be?

Well it De………….     you can guess the answer.

Take one of those Concrete Bowl Reservoirs such as Farmoor.                       a

One method used there is to cast out a sinking line and crawl a Booby along the bottom.

In that case the leader may only be 2 or 3 feet long.

On a local smallish river like the Whiteadder a single Dry Fly could be fished on a shop bought 9 foot tapered one.

Loch Style fishing on Midlands Reservoirs with 4 flies often involves something a tad over 20 feet.

Fishing two lures from a bank I might use 16 feet with the wind behind me but a lot less and maybe only one fly if in to the wind.

I recall fishing in 1999 on Eyebrook Reservoir in John Horsey’s Competition.

A group of lads from the Czech Republic had come to fish it. Amongst them was Tomas Starychfojtu.

At the time he was the current Individual World Fly Fishing Champion.

He sat up the front of the boat like a Heron and fished a single Dry Fly on a leader about 15 feet.

Nine feet of it tapered and six feet of level tippet.

We won the competition by 3 clear fish and he had about 5 times the rod average on the day.

So how long a Leader should I use?

Well it depends…………………………………..