A Champion.

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You are 25 years old and you have done it all………………

Well obviously you haven’t but in Competition Fly Fishing you have.

Current World Champion.   European Champion at age 21.   Twice Youth World Champion.

It is an unrivalled record and one that belongs to Lubos Roza from the Czech Republic and for a couple of days he was my fishing buddy.

Amongst others but still my buddy…….  🙂

I first came across Lubos in 2009 when he was 20 years old and I was guiding the Czech Team at the World Championships in Scotland.

He was even then top of the rankings in his country. No mean feat in itself in the nation that tops the Fly Fishing World Championship Record Table.

I fished with Lubos and the Czech Team then on Glencorse, Butterstone, North Third and the River Tay.

I met him again at the World Championships in Norway in 2013 I also had the privilege to shake his hand immediately after he won the World Championship earlier this year in the Czech Republic.

So now here I was on an organised clinic that he was conducting and that had been arranged by Dave Downie.

For the first morning Lubos tied flies and answered questions on Tackle and Tactics.

He was very open and honest answering all questions in a very frank and informative way.

As an aside the Czechs do not have to hide anything.

Their success is due their selection system. Basically the top five anglers who have the won the most points in competitions during a two year cycle are the Team that goes to the World Championship.

None of this committee selection that some countries have.

Anyway in the afternoon Lubos gave a comprehensive demonstration on the River Clyde with some good fish caught and lost.

The following day was a chance for everyone to get some one to one Tuition.

So what did I learn.    Well nothing new really………………….. !!!!!

Of course Lubos corrected some of my techniques and showed me some new ones but the bottom line is that to be a Fly Fishing Champion you need;

Presentation. Take Detection and The X Factor.

I already knew that and it is the X factor that Lubos has in spades. It is something all Champions in all sports have and it is what sets them apart from the rest of us.

Eyes like a Hawk helps as well.

So a great couple of days with a fine and humble young man.

Thank you Lubos and Dave.

Luboz Roza with a Clyde Grayling

Lubos Roza with a Clyde Grayling